Beneteau Swift Trawler 47

Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 anchor - yacht and sea

Modern, spacious and performant

Beneteau just launched the all-new Swift Trawler 47, a middle sized trawler with lots of space. It has a contemporary design and a new hull which increases the velocity. It is a modern way to travel that mixes performance and comfort.

Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 running - yacht and sea

The Beneteau trawler range is one of the most successful on the market and after the  ST 30 and ST 35 models, the Swift Trawler 47 continues the renewal of this series. Even if the ST 47 keeps the gangway, definitely a trawler symbol, the line is really more modern particularly with the large flybridge and the lighter superstructures.

To board, you can, of course, use the rear platform that can support a tender and has an optional hydraulic immersion system, but the side gate is a better way. From here, you can enter directly onto the main deck by the lateral door or get to the cockpit.

Large enough, this cockpit includes a bench seat for two or three people at the rear and two large storage compartments in the floor. You can easily install a table and for more room, the ladder with two solid handrails is mounted on rails. In seconds, it is stored vertically and clears the space. It’s just a pity that the steps don’t follow the inclination to allow using this ladder in both positions.

Two gangways lead to the front deck of the Swift Trawler 47 which is large enough to accommodate a large sunbath (7’21’’ x 5’6’’ m) with a multilevel backrest. From this front deck, you can also fish or meditate,  why not! Moreover, the anchor with an electric windlass is ordered from the helm or from the flybridge.

Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 cockpit - yacht and sea

Last part of this exterior, the Flybridge is really one of the highlights of this boat. In addition to the helm, which includes joysticks, engine gauge and two navigation screens, this space is big enough to install a double sun bath. It also includes a large table and even a small kitchen. As an option, you can add a bimini top to enjoy the outdoor life.

On the rear of the Swift Trawler 47, the very wide glass window that separates the cockpit from the deck room can be totally open for better circulation. Inside, the main deck is well lighted by the numerous bays, and furniture in light oak contribute to making this volume welcoming and contemporary. 

Two sofas (one convertible) face each other for a friendly lounge and you can add a table in the middle. Toward the front, the L kitchen offers complete equipment (sink, appliances …). No storage compartment is in the floor, but access to the engine compartment is centered for better weight distribution.

On starboard, the dashboard is completed with enough space for two electronic screens and it also includes a large helm, a reference to the old trawler world. There are also several small storage units but accessing them is not always easy.

Beneteau swift Trawler 47 interior 1 - yacht and sea

A nice staircase leads to the lower deck and the three cabins. This staircase includes a space to install a washing machine. It’s clever. At the front, the owner cabin includes a queen bed and a bathroom with a separate shower and plenty of storage. The height (6’5’’ ft) is correct and to save room, the boatbuilder used a sliding door. 

At the rear, the two cabins have different configurations. One with a full bed will be perfect for a guest couple and the other cabin with two single beds can welcome the kids. A second bathroom accommodates the rear cabins.

The building is correct and the finish, even if it’s not completely high end, is still really good for the price. Beneteau also offers pretty decent equipment.

Well designed, the hull is modern and efficient, especially if we consider that the boat weighs 23 450 lb, which is pretty heavy. But this hull doesn’t stick on the water and with 2 x 425 hp the boat is rather fast. The top speed of the Swift Trawler 47 is around 31 mph but most importantly, the cruise speed, is around 15 mph with consumption at around 7 gallons/hour which is really good and allows you to navigate around 500 nautical miles. Anyway, the ST 47 is built for long cruises and quiet coastal navigation and it is doing that very well holding the comfort on board. Moreover, the boat it easy to maneuver in the marine, using the joystick and the bow thruster.

Editor’s note

In the end, the Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 represents a modern version of the trawler with the same comfort as the old fashioned models but with a more efficient hull, better performance and a very attractive price.

Performance Report

Tested power : 2 x 435 hp Cummins /  6 persons / calm sea / St Petersbourg (USA)

600 rpm3,64.8
1000 rpm6,37.5
1500 rpm9,410.6
2000 rpm12,714.3
2500 rpm19,321.4
3000 rpm25,729.2
3100 rpm26,930.2
Time to plane11 secondes
0 to 25 mph15,8 secondes


Beneteau Swift Trawler 47 layout - yacht and sea
L.O.A48’4”14,74 m
Beam14’6”4,50 m
Weight27,958 Lbs19 617 Kg
Building MaterialFiberglassFiberglass
Persons capacityB14 / C16B14 / C16
Bedding capacity88
Fuel Capacity510 Gallons1 930 Litres
Water capacity169 Gallons640 Litres
Maximal power2 x435 hp2 x435 hp
Recommended Power2 x435 hp2 x435 hp
European CertificationBB


Starting at  $733,000 (USA) 

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