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Style & Innovation

Key Features 

  • L.O.A :  43’1” / 13,12 m
  • Beam :  14’8” / 4,52 m
  • Maximum Horsepower :  2 x 435 hp


The new EVO WA has literally made a splash at every show they have exhibited around the world. The boat has, of course, an avant-garde look but it also offers many surprises that turn heads. Welcome aboard!

EVO WA running sky view

Founded in 2015, Evo Yachts is a young brand, although its creators have been in the boat business for a while. To stand out from the competitors, EVO focuses primarily on a very modern design that is almost futuristic, but it also has some interesting  innovations and especially on this EVO WA version.

As the second model of 13 meters, designed by Studio Rivellini for Evo Yachts, the EVO WA offers a very linear profile with long solid flat flanks and a large freeboard. The boat also has an almost straight bow and a fully open rear to make for easy access to bathing and practicing water sports. On the front, the boat adopts a walk-around design with a magnificent sunbath in the center. A streamlined windshield and a very aerial hard-top complete this composition mixing modernism and sobriety. Finally, the beautiful side flank inlet add a last touch of originality. 

Beside this very pure and resolutely modern line, the boat offers an interior layout where sobriety reigns, at least in appearance. The swim platform opens onto a large cockpit, which continues on each side with a long bench. There is a galley kitchen with a grill, sink, refrigerator on the port side and the cockpit on the starboard side.

A Fully Modular Cockpit

This simplicity is only apparent since EVO WA is a “Transformer”. The central part of the platform lifts to support a sort of ber that will receive a tender. This same part can also lower itself in the water to offer a staircase, a good idea for swimming. According to the same principle, the floor of the cockpit hides a table and two benches and chairs, depending on the desires of the crew. Last but not least, the back sides of the boat unfold to enlarge the cockpit by 40%, no less! You can also install a solarium across the width of this cockpit, making it without question one of the largest on the market.







The avant-garde style is also present in the rest of the ship starting with the cockpit, a real wooden sculpture that offers enough room for the joystick and two electronic screens. On the other hand, there is nowhere to put small objects. It is a pity. The bench is also very clever since you can use the inside of the back to store cards, books or clothes.

Going down a few steps, you reach the night part. At the opposite of the dark hull color, this interior is almost completely white and well lit by the side portholes. There is a wardroom convertible in a double bed while on starboard a door opens to a beautiful bathroom with sink, toilet, shower and storage. The only regret is that the shower has no door or curtain.









We also love the small and very modern sofa and the mid-cabin, large enough even if it does not benefit from a porthole. Finally, the staircase, a mixture of steel and glass, is in itself a true work of art. In the end, it’s very nice work, with beautiful materials, but that deserves sometimes a little more attention in terms of finishes.
















Regarding the equipment, the Evo is rather well supplied; including for example, a touch screen GPS, a joystick, a refrigerator and the bathing ladder. The boat is also fully customizable according to the desires of the customer, whether in terms of colors, materials or amenities.

Two IPS 600 and 870 hp

To propel the 25 353 lb (11,500 kg) of the Evo, the engine room receives a twin of Volvo IPS 600 engine of 435 hp each. It’s a pretty well adapted power to this hull that gives it a correct behavior; neither too sporty nor too apathetic. In curves, the boat stays easy to drive and comfortable with a moderate inclination. In general, the comfort on board is quite acceptable. On the other hand, one small negative point is that when you cut too fast, with the rear completely open, the water comes in from the back. The shipyard is obviously solving this defect.

Regarding the performance, the EVO WA is pretty good for its category. The planing time is correct and the cruising speed, around 23 mph, gives you enough possibilities for beautiful day trips. Finally, the last advantage is that the boat is approved for 12 people, which, once the flanks are deployed, makes it a friendly boat; ideal for outings with family and friends.

Editor’s notes

If you are looking for a boat with a very modern design and many innovations, the EVO WA should please you. In addition, it has good boarding capacity and the foldable flanks offer a truly new concept.



  • Design
  • Modularity in the cockpit
  • Habitability


  • Needs more handrails
  • No door shower
  • Few details


Performance Report

Tested power : 2 x 435 hp Volvo Penta IPS 600 /  6 persons / Calm sea / Cannes (France)

600 rpm3,94.5
1000 rpm6,47.3
1500 rpm8,710
2000 rpm10,512
2500 rpm16,719.2
3000 rpm26,530.5
3500 rpm3439.1
Time to plane8,6 sec8,6 sec
0 to 25 Mph12,8 sec12,8 sec



L.O.A43'1''13,12 m
Beam14'8''4,52 m
Weight25 353 Lbs11 500 kg
Building materialFiberglassFiberglass
Persons capacity1212
Bedding capacity44
Fuel capacity264 Gallons1 000 Litres
Water capacity 105 Gallons400 Litres
Maximal Horsepower2 x 435 Hp2 x 435 Hp
Recommended Horsepower2 x 435 Hp2 x 435 Hp
European CertificationAA





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