Chris Craft Corsair 30

Already a Classic

Key Features

  • L.O.A : 29’8” / 9,00 m
  • Beam 10′ / 3,05 m
  • Maximum Horsepower : 2 x 430 hp


Things to remember

Freshly revised, the Chris Craft Corsair 30 keeps a classic style with a modern conception. It offers a good comfort level, and it performs very well with the appropriate engine.


The Corsair 30 (named before Corsair 28) is undoubtedly one of the leading models of the American shipyard. It’s highly in demand but it has a lot of competition. To keep its attractiveness, the 2017 model has received some improvements in the layout.

The Corsair series, which brings together the Chris Craft cuddy-cabin models which include three units from 25 to 32 feet. With 29’8’’ length, the Corsair 30 is an intermediate model, a characteristic that it exploits at all levels. Bigger than the Corsair 27, the 30 offers a slightly more generous cockpit and a more welcoming cabin. On the other hand, it still a pure cuddy cabin, that is to say that its cabin is rather modest compared to the Corsair 32 which offers more space and enough comfort to spend a night on board.








So, the Corsair 30 is mostly for small families who wish to have a good size open boat but with enough space to store things, to have a toilet and where you can put the kids to bed or why not take a nap.

Esthetically, the Corsair 28 doesn’t cut from the style of the brand and even more, it honors its history. But if the design is modern, it unmistakably reminds us of the old-fashioned motorboats, a category invented by Chris Craft. Harmonious curves, sturdy stern, pretty strake or windscreen in a refined style, the result is remarkable. Added to this is the use of noble materials such as wood, which is widely used, but also stainless steel or a superb seat covering. Finally, amateurs will appreciate the famous horn, the sailing lights, housed in a kind of house sculpture or even the famous flag, true icon of the builder. Quite low on the water the Corsair 30 almost displays a feline look and it can be customized with new colors both modern and classic.

Inside, the boat offers an interior where sobriety rhymes with luxury and refinement. There is a large U-shaped bench seat, typical of the Corsair series with a rear solarium for one person (69” x 43”). This part is lifted with an electric cylinder to access the engine block but also the storage and the bimini which is thus perfectly concealed when not used. From the rear platform, you can follow the traced path by removing the central cushions. You can also choose to embark on the front taking the teak-covered deck and then the central opening of the windshield. But you have to do without the balcony and the access to the cockpit is done only by a small folding step, again in the pure Chris Craft style.


Two V8 Engines in the Hold

The cockpit has good dimensions. Simply designed, it offers, in addition to the bench seat, two adjustable and swivel seats. There is also a well-designed folding table, chests under the seats and a drawer refrigerator on starboard. Good point for the two lateral seats which, with a foldable cushion, form two meridians or a very comfortable chaise longue matching the shape of the body. However, the handrail is still not very practical. The dashboard still also faithful to the esthetics of the brand with an aluminum panel perforated, it’s a pity that the manufacturer didn’t find the way to integrate the electronic screen in the same vintage spirit.















The cabin, which hasn’t changed compared to the old version of the Corsair 30. Big enough for a cuddy cabin, it offers a large bed, a small sink, a location for a toilet and some storage. A good point for natural light, thanks to the sky window. In the whole ship, the presentation is well groomed with nice materials, neatly assembled and beautiful finishes in the image of the integral counter-molding of the chests or the water evacuation grating.

The Corsair 30 is not only a luxurious boat but it doesn’t forget the pleasure of navigation. From the moment you put your hands on the wooden steering wheel, firmly seated in the pilot seat, the dials gauge under your eyes, you feel a shiver go up your spines. One turn of the key, the roar of the two 6.2L V8 continues to raise the level of excitement.















Well balanced, the Chris Craft responds immediately, coming out of the water in just 4 seconds. It takes three more to reach 20 knots and the party can begin. Built on a fairly classic hull, the Chris Craft displays a healthy and balanced behavior, without a bad surprise. It also has a good distribution of masses which limits the rearing at the start and allows the boat to maintain a good attitude while sailing. Its lively bilges also play their full role by providing a solid support to the craft during tight curves. Less aerial than the Corsair 25, the 28 is easy to drive and still perfectly in line even at full speed. Easy to manipulate, it is also very versatile and always ready for a water-skiing session, a charming picnic or just an elegant ride.

To propel the boat, the builder proposes seven options, from 440 HP to 860 HP diesel or gas for all programs. With 2 x 300 HP, the boat is homogeneous, sailing at more than 45 knots. With the biggest motorization, It should pass 50 knots while the diesel version is aimed mainly at the lovers of quiet rides.


Editor’s Note

Chris Craft did not change the Corsair 28 to become the Corsair 30, it improved it! An intelligent decision that allows the boat to be even more attractive while retaining a timeless charm and an unforgettable pleasure in sailing.




  • Timeless style
  • Comfortable cockpit
  • Finish


  • Small Sunbath
  • Front Deck access
  • Electronic installation



Performance report

600 rpm3,13,6
1000 rpm5,96,8
1500 rpm7,88,9
2000 rpm9,510,9
2500 rpm15,617,9
3000 rpm23,927,5
3500 rpm28,232,4
4000 rpm32,937,8
4500 rpm37,342,9
5000 rpm42,548,9
5100 rpm45,252
Time to plane4 sec
0 - 20 Knts7,3 sec



L.O.A29'8''9 m
Beam10'3,05 m
Cockpit depth30''0,78 m
Weight (Dry)8 700 Lbs3 946 kg
Building materialFiberglassFiberglass
Persons capacity1212
Bedding capacity22
Fuel capacity150 Gallons537 Litres
Water capacity35 Gallons132 Litres
Maximal Horsepower2 x 430 hp2 x 430 ch
Recommended Horsepower2 x 300 hp2 x 300 ch
European CertificationBB



Starting at $221 720 (USA)

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