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Indmar raptor-440 - yacht and sea

Indmar Marine Engines has a pedigree going back 45 years in the inboard marine industry and a proud tradition of pointing the way forward.  Indmar is the world’s largest privately held manufacturer of gasoline powered inboard marine engines has pushed the envelope much like an athlete introducing new innovations and technologies enabling the sport and the industry to progress and grow.

From the first to bring fuel injected engines to the market to introducing an innovative green technology three years earlier than regulation that reduces exhaust emissions, just because it was the right thing to do.  Without Indmar’s introduction of fuel injection to the market place, we wouldn’t have the cruise systems and technologies in place that we have today.  Because of the accolades, Indmar Marine  has had the opportunity to continuously touch the lives of watersports enthusiast and families across the U.S. and Internationally year after year.

In the beginning, Indmar Marine was just an idea for a second career. At the time, Dick Rowe had just finished his 20 year hitch in the US Marine Corps and, along with wife Donna, they decided to set up a small industrial and marine supply distributorship; Indmar Products Company, Inc.

Among their early products were industrial and irrigation pumps based on V-8 automobile engines. Then came a few custom marinized inboard engines for jet boat manufacturers. At first this was a matter of bolting on “off the shelf parts”. But the quality just wasn’t there. So, Dick started making his own major subcomponents to meet his quality and durability standards. This decision paid off.Word soon spread that Indmar marinized inboards were built to a higher standard. They were more reliable and more durable. And the kicker ….was that the performance of these new Indmar Marine inboards was right up there with the big boys … in many cases even better.

Boat manufacturers were pleased to find that doing business with a company led by a veteran Marine was a straight forward, no nonsense proposition. The product performed as promised or better and the customer service was honest, courteous and professional.To concentrate exclusively on building top-of-the-line inboard marine engines, the distribution business was phased out. And Indmar Marine built the most efficient, up-to-date inboard engine manufacturing facility in the world.

Indmar factory - yacht and sea

Indmar Marine has enjoyed a success that would have seemed outside of its reach 45 years ago.  And is the proven leader in advancement of inboard power technology. “I don’t think anyone knows their limits until they push their limits,” says Indmar President Chuck Rowe.Today, Indmar is still family owned and operated.

Native countryUSA
Head QuartersMillington – Tennessee
RangeInboard engines from 310 to 575 hp

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