yanmar 4LV230 - yacht and sea


9 February 2019 Dominique SALANDRE 2

With beginnings in Osaka, Japan, in 1912, Yanmar was the first to succeed in making a compact diesel marine engine of a practical size in 1933. Then, with industrial diesel engines as the cornerstone of […]

Amasea yachts catamaran - yacht and sea

Amasea Yachts

5 February 2019 Dominique SALANDRE 1

An electronics engineer and experienced yachtsman, Jack Wijnants has founded Amasea Yachts in 2018. His family owned various Dutch steel yachts and he already has a lot of experience in building proven, seaworthy, speedy boats, […]

Polaris buys Larson Boats

Polaris buys Larson Boats

4 February 2019 Dominique SALANDRE 0

The American brand Polaris Group, based in Minnesota has just acquired one of the boating legend brands, Larson Boats. The Larson range includes bow-riders, sport boats and fishing boats sold under the brands Larson and […]