Cigarette 39’ GTS

Cigarette 39'GTS running - sky view

Smoke On The Water

Key Features 

  • L.O.A : 39’ / 11,88 m
  • Beam 10′ / 3,04 m
  • Maximum Horsepower : 1,600 hp


Famous for its offshore boats, Cigarette also produces fast, open boats that meet the needs of a more versatile and family-friendly program. The 39′ GTS thus offers space and a number of possibilities while keeping its sporty soul. Be careful, it will rock you!

Besides the offshore boats, the legendary brand has developed a large family of open boats or considered open but with more or less space depending on the model. To design this series, the yard relied on its expertise particularly about the hulls, redrawing slightly to give them a little more roominess. They also completely reviewed the layout, opting for an open concept. The 39’ GTS, the “small” ‘model of the series, follows this recipe. Starting with a beautiful hull, the engineers have offered a wider size than the Performance Boats series.

Therefore, if we are able to find the characteristic racy line, the boat offers, in addition, a nice hardtop that provides valuable protection against the sun or rain. The cockpit is organized around three distinct spaces. The front space has seats and a double “lounge” seat in front of the console. If necessary, you can install a table in the middle (optional) for a glass of champagne at the marina or for a picnic in a deserted cove. Obviously, the seats hide a few storage compartments and there is also a floor box. Some good points are the side upholstery, the omnipresent handrails and the perfect integration of speakers.

The Offshore Spirit is Still Very Present

On the back, the cockpit itself occupies a significant area allowing for a little bit of fishing. Attached to the transom, a bench made of three semi-bucket seats ensures comfort and support during the fast runs. In addition, the starboard side has a door for easy access to the bathing platform. This platform is large enough to receive up to four engines even if the boat is offered with two or three engines. Our configuration of the day was with 4 x 350 HP Verado. Facing the rear bench, two other seats positioned on the back of the leaning post allow for more conviviality as far as just below, there is a large cooler. It’s a pity that these seats are a little high for normal size people. The floor has three boxes and two of them can be used as fish tanks. Finally, the 39′ GTS gives way to the trend by offering a very practical side door.












The central space is reserved for the driving area, and in this domain, Cigarette is a master. The crew can take advantage of the three adjustable seats with a folding part. Each of them has an individual and foldable footrest and the driving position is just perfect. In the center, the pilot has all the controls on hand. If you are audacious, you can even play it in a racing way with a throttleman who deals with the throttle and trim while you’re driving. The console also incorporates three large screens, the Mercury vessel view and buttons used to configure the entire boat, the engine settings, the cabin lighting, the lift or the courtesy lights. Other good points again are the handrails, solid and well located; the windshield, very effective and the anti-slip foot plate which also evokes the offshore world.

The console is quite large on the front. This dimension allows it to house a real cabin with a toilet, a sink, a double bed and storage. Maybe a little bit too small for a cruise, but it is large enough to store the equipment or to take a nap. It’s a pity we don’t have more natural lighting.














Quite sober, this cabin is well finished and overall, the boat offers a very flattering presentation. With padding of the inner flanks, it is quite rare. The equipment is also complete with courtesy lighting, tanks and beautifully made upholstery. However, the boat can be largely customized when you purchase it to obtain a unique configuration.

1,400 HP Ready to Rock the Sea!

With an attractive exterior, it is in action that the Cigarette makes the most difference. Like all boats of the brand, the 39′ GTS uses a hull profile that is particularly well designed. Rather narrow for the length of the boat, the hull has a very sharp V with two oversized strakes and a very pronounced bilge. Then come two very deep steps directly inherited from the brand’s offshore racing hulls. The flatter rear part ensures stability and an optimal water flow to the propeller. The engines are installed on a bracket to improve behavior and performance of the boat. Everything here has been thought of for performance and efficiency and the tall sides and the high bow ensure the safety of the crew and keep everyone dry.







Once the controller is in hand, you don’t need to wait for a long time before the magic operates, especially with our configuration of the day, 4 x 350 hp Mercury Verado. These 1400 HP are just waiting for the start signal. Well balanced, the boat sails quickly without rearing outrageously, allowing for full visibility during the acceleration phase. Then, everything happens very quickly. After fully planing, we are already well above 23 mph and the speedometer needle climbs without fail. At 4000 rpm, we are already at more than 50 mph which makes it possible to obtain a cruising speed at 4500 rpm, around 55 mph. The rest is just literature, since at 5000 rpm we reach 63 mph and the game ends that day with 78 mph on the GPS, the weather and traffic on the Hudson River limiting our ardor while the boat clearly has the ability to spin beyond 80 mph. The most important thing is not the speed, but rather the ease with which the boat sails, providing total comfort to the passengers. Even more surprising is that our boat was equipped with the Active Trim, the Mercury system which offers an automatic and autonomous adjustment of the trim. While we thought this accessory was reserved for small units, it is wonderful here even if it only works for speeds above 25 mph. Another good surprise is the curve behavior, often a weak point for step hulls, but here, it is clear that the curves come easily one after another and that the radius of gyration is even quite tight, offering this boat a little more versatility.

Of course, you don’t need 4 x 350 HP to take advantage of this boat. With 3 x 350 HP or maybe 3 x 300 HP, you will already get good results and this also offers the advantage of providing a little more space on the swim platform.


Editor’s Note

When excellence meets rational, it gives great results and this 39′ GTS Cigarette is a good example. If the boat keeps up its performance and extraordinary hull, the layout offers a convivial space to spend the day with family or friends, all with class and sportiness.



  • Exceptional hull
  • Comfort on board
  • Performance


  • Leaning-post rear seat height
  • No outdoor kitchen
  • Sun bath


Performance Report

600 rpm3,43.9
1000 rpm6,27.1
2000 rpm1213.8
3000 rpm2629.9
4000 rpm42,348.7
5000 rpm5563.3
6000 rpm6574.8
6200 rpm6878
Time to plane5.8 secondes
0 to 25 Mph5.5 secondes


L.O.A39'11,88 m
Beam10'3,04 m
Cockpit depth36''0,91 m
Weight12,600 Lbs (Triple)6 441 kg
Building materialFiberglassFiberglass
Persons capacityncnc
Bedding capacity22
Fuel capacity300 Gallons1 135 Litres
Water capacity34 Gallons128 Litres
Maximal Horsepower1,600 hp1 600 hp
Recommended Horsepower1,200 hp 1 200 hp
European CertificationBB


Starting at $485,000 (USA)


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