10 Things to Do in The Bahamas

10 things to do in Bahamas - yacht and sea

A dream destination for some people, the Bahamas are among the most beautiful places in the world. However, beyond the postcard image, the archipelago hides a diversity and unsuspected character if you are willing to get off the beaten path and you will find a lot of things to do in Bahamas…

1 -Swimming among the sharks and stingrays

swimming among the sharks in Bahamas - yacht and sea


Brendal’s Dive Center

The Brendal’s dive center, a unique place where you can dive with sharks and other barracudas before feeding the stingrays while sipping a Gombay Smash.




2 – Discovering the island with a high speed powerboat boat

Powerboat adventures Bahamas - yacht and sea


Powerboat Adventures

An high speed powerboat to discover the islands at 80 mph and stopover to feed iguanas, stingrays and sharks.




3 – Fishing around the reef

Fishing in the Bahamas - yacht and sea


Custom Fishing Charters

Book a fishing charter and try to catch Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish and shark. You can build your trip for one day or more enjoying the incredible Bahamas blue waters.




4 – Be amaze by one of the most beautiful Aquarium in the world

Atlantis Aquarium Bahamas - yacht and sea



One of the most beautiful aquarium in the world in a decor freely inspired by the mythical city of Atlantis.


5 – A ride in a Jitney

The Jitneys are small and rustic colored buses. There are bu also cheaper, a good way to meet the local population and to discover the islands.


6 – Sipping a Goombay Smash

Drink in Bahamas - yacht and sea


The national cocktail  is a rum based beverage created by Emily Cooper (at the Blue Bee Bar in New Plymouth). the recipe include  coconut rum, dirty rumapricot brandy, and pineapple juice and many other things kept secret.





7 – Relaxing on a wilderness beach

Relaxing in Bahamas - yacht and sea


The Bahamas is really one of the best place in the world to find incredible and wilderness beaches with turquoise waters and white or pink sand,





8 – Try out the Caribbean cuisine

conch salad Bahamas - yacht and sea


Very interesting, the Caribbean cuisine is a mix of french, spanish and african influences with a local flavor. Fresh seafood, tropical fruits and species  give to it a real character.





9 – Follow in the Hemingway footsteps

Hemingway Bahamas - yacht and sea


Ernest Hemingway spend several years in Bimini and the Bahamas inspired him the book « The Old and the Sea » and he also wrote « To Have and Have Not » during his stay in these islands. Famous for his writing, Hemingway was also a fisherman and a drinker, and lots of bar claim its legacy. So, it’s easy to fin tracks of his sty in the archipelago.




10 – Looking for seashells on the beach

Seashells Bahamas - yacht and sea


With more than 700 island and most part pretty wild, the Bahamas islands are a perfect place to find some beautiful seashells and bring them home as souvenirs. Some specimens could be pretty bigs. You can also find driftwood, sea glass, glass balls, but not sure about message in a bottle!





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