Mercedes Silver Arrows Marine 460 Granturismo, A New Technology Experience

Mercedes silver Arrows 460 Granturismo - running 1 - Yacht and Sea

What do you get if you cross a Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé with a motor boat? The answer may be found in the south of France, where luxury boat builder Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz Style have joined forces with Yanmar, a leading engine manufacturer to create the Arrows 460 Granturismo.

Mercedes silver Arrows 460 Granturismo - running 2 - Yacht and Sea

A motor yacht is the ultimate status symbol, a trademark of fame and fortune. A world apart, this luxurious niche of the maritime market attracts the most prestigious brands.

Silver Arrows Marine and Mercedes-Benz Style have spent four years creating a unique and exciting sailing experience, incorporating cutting-edge engine technology. Their aim was to design and build a 14-metre motor yacht that embraces life, with the quality and prestige of a superyacht.

Mercedes Arrows 460 Granturismo - Yacht and Sea



The idea was to re-invent the standards within a class in which innovation has been slow to gain momentum. Discovering the solutions needed has pushed the boundaries in the same way as the all-conquering Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrows Marine racing cars of the 1930s, from which the company takes its name and inspiration.

“Silver Arrows Marine is a company born to challenge convention,” says Global Marketing and Communications Director Paolo Bonaveri. “We started from a blank sheet of paper to create a new boat concept, something different in terms of the materials, approach and technology.”

Along the way we had to find new partners willing to embrace this spirit of innovation and one such partner was Yanmar who built and supplied the engine that is the fiery heart of the boat.

Mercedes silver Arrows 460 Granturismo 1 - Yacht and Sea

Unleashing the imagination

Driven by an obsession for the most luxurious materials, Mercedes-Benz Style has inspired Silver Arrows Marine to integrate only the highest quality components into its breath-taking design. The Arrows 460 Granturismo is a successful transition from a staggering new concept to the stunning reality.

It is truly exhilarating, incorporating ground-breaking marine engineering with advanced solutions, executed with bespoke craftsmanship. It is also efficient and all about combining performance with comfort – while ensuring an intimacy with the marine environment.

The bespoke interior blends a vision of loft living with a notably clean, uncluttered look. The emphasis is on unobtrusive, built-in systems and automated controls, with state-of-the-art features.

Mercedes silver Arrows 460 Granturismo - interior 1 - Yacht and Sea

The heart of the boat

To give peace of mind to the owners of the Arrows 460 Granturismo – and without compromising on the design – the Silver Arrows Marine team had to use the right materials and technology, with the support of the best partners. For the engine manufacturer, the priorities were for a high-quality brand with reliable products.

A key part of the technical specifications was the need to have the best possible combination between technology and the propulsion unit. In addition, the engine had to be quiet and smooth, not only to comply with the design of the boat being like the S-Class of the sea, but also for passenger comfort.

“The engine is the heart of our boat,” adds Paolo. “So, it is very important, because we are not only talking about speed and power, but also less vibration, noise and elegance to create the ambiance of a Granturismo – and we have found the ideal solution with Yanmar.”

Mercedes silver Arrows 460 Granturismo - interior 2 - Yacht and Sea

Top of the list for engines

For over 100 years, Yanmar has been a pioneer in building the world’s finest and most innovative diesel engines. After listening to Silver Arrows’ needs, it proposed the latest hi-tech integrated boat system, at the heart of which are two 440 mhp (at 3,300rpm) 6LY-series engines.

The heartbeat of the powertrain remains the international powerboat race-winning compact 5.8-litre in-line six-cylinder engine block. Immensely popular with boat designers, builders and owners, the Yanmar 6LY440 is lauded for its performance, fuel efficiency, reliability, and smooth and quiet operation.

The small footprint, low height and narrow width of the Yanmar engine makes it an attractive installation for a new craft with ever tighter engine-room space. The high-power density in an ultra-compact package is perfectly suited to the Arrows 460 Granturismo.

“Yanmar was at the top of the list for the engines, because they are lighter, more powerful, durable and reliable,” says Paolo. “It has developed an engine specifically for the maritime world – this is vital.”

Mercedes silver Arrows - Yanmar engine - Yacht and Sea

The thrill of open water

Driving its commitment, responsibility and passion, Yanmar’s mission is also to provide sustainable solutions that enrich and improve people’s lives. Not only has it met the highly technical requirements of Silver Arrows Marine, but it also continues to deliver excitement with an outstanding environmental performance in fuel efficiency, cleanliness and quietness.

“Working for the future with our engine manufacturer means that we are working for sustainability in technology and the vision of the marine world,” concludes Silver Arrows Marine CEO Jacopo Spadolini. “We believe that – more than a relationship – we have established a partnership with Yanmar.

“We also have a common goal that is not only about taking care of the customer and the environment, but also about our shared responsibility to provide performance to the owners. This means that they can enjoy and have the excitement of using a boat like this.”

Mercedes silver Arrows 460 Granturismo - running 4 - Yacht and Sea





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