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Since 1980 Riviera has been on a journey of constant discovery and refinement. A mission to create a truly memorable boating experience for all Riviera owners. Forever evolving, refining, improving and perfecting. Forging links with the world’s finest marine suppliers and minds.

From the 38 MKI in 1980 to the last 445 SUV

Innovation has always been at the heart of Riviera. Launching a single new 38 MKI model in 1980 helped launch an ambitious new company in Sydney in 1980. Perhaps already glimpsing a bright future, by 1981 Riviera relocated to the Gold Coast, Queensland, with a staff of five building eight new boats in the year.

Riviera 1982 - yacht and sea

Soon the pace of growth quickened. During the 1980s a dozen new models were designed, built, launched and first exported to both the USA and Europe. A culture of excellence is beginning to flourish. By the early 1990s, three different new models helped Riviera win Modern Boating’s Boat of the Year award three years running.

By 1998 the staff of 280 is excited to hear that construction of a new facility at Coomera has begun. Many new handcrafted models begin to emerge from the state-of-the-art new facility into the early 2000s. Riviera has come of age. Continual innovation, new models, prestigious awards and an ever-growing international dealer network soon follow.

In March 2012, Gold Coast developer, entrepreneur, qualified builder and joiner by trade, Rodney Longhurst, acquired Riviera. Today, as Chairman, Rodney mixes business skills with his passion for boating, quality, creativity and the pursuit of excellence. He maintains “When I bought Riviera, my vision absolutely was to make it one of the great names in boating and to be outstanding in every aspect of the boating lifestyle.”

Under Rodney and Chief Executive Officer Wes Moxey’s leadership, the Riviera collections we celebrate today are continuously evolving and being refined to take their place among the world’s finest. And our story has only just begun…

Riviera 2008 - yacht and sea

Riviera is an Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder. A global marine industry leader. Based at their state-of-the-art 14 hectare site, they handcraft five stunning, enduring luxury motor yacht collections that are so enjoyed by more than 5,300 owners the world over.

Native CountryAustralia
Head QuartersCoomera – Australia
RangeMotor Yachts from 39 to 72 ft

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