Mercury Marine Offers Additional Digital Solutions to Its Clients

Mercury Marine Digital Services to offer additional digital solutions and services to its clients

Mercury Marine Digital Servise

Mercury Marine is known as the world leader in marine propulsion technology, but the company also has its own PLM consulting business inside its global headquarters.  Mercury Digital Services provides its clients, including Mercury Marine, technical services and solutions to manage customer product data throughout its life-cycle and drive business outcomes for companies during the product development phase.

The company recently expanded its offerings to better serve its core customers and grow the business.

“At Mercury Digital Services, our core competency will remain in the PLM space, with an added focus on scaling to downstream functions,” said Lateef Khan, Mercury Marine general manager of digital services.  “We will bring key manufacturing and field data to engineering in a closed loop fashion by leveraging the IIoT and IoT technologies.  Additionally, we plan to scale our offerings to include Digital Manufacturing and elements of Model Based Enterprise, providing greater opportunities in leveraging a full suite of data and insights across the value chain.

Services offered by Mercury Digital Services include PLM assessments and digital transformation roadmaps, IoT and IIoT implementation, CAD to PLM integration and digital manufacturing with help desk services.

For Mercury, a “digital thread” is symbolic of connecting horizontal elements within the business model chain.  By connecting all core functions (Engineering, Manufacturing, Commercial, Service, etc.), Mercury Digital Services helps its clients drive key business outcomes such as NPI cycle time reduction, product cost out and product quality improvement.

“By defining and enabling the digital thread, consumers will experience greater collaboration using relevant product data that is current and available during all phases of the product lifecycle,” said Khan.

Mercury Digital Services will continue to leverage its own internal manufacturing business as a “proving ground” for demonstrating real business value before bringing new concepts and opportunities to its clients.

Mercury’s clients range across several industry verticals including industrial equipment, marine technology, automotive, medical devices and more.  For more information, visit


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