Frauscher 1017 Lido Edition Thomas Rath

Frauscher1017 Lido Edition - layout

Following the success of 1017 Lido, the Austrian manufacturer Frauscher launched a special edition in collaboration with the famous German designer Thomas Rath, adding a series of small “extras” to the boat. The designer used Taupe tones, darker cushions fashioned with a diamond tip pattern. The hull is marked with a silver band bearing the initials TR. There is also a mahogany steering wheel and inserts of the same wood or a few pieces of leather covering the handrails. On the back of the leaning post, the kitchen becomes a “champagne bar” with glasses specially designed for the occasion and in addition two pretty picnic baskets. This philosophy continues inside with fabrics reminding the outside, but also towels or a matching key ring.
Seven units of this special edition will be built, all with two V8 engines developing a total of 700 hp for a performance announced at 50 knots.

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