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Amasea yachts catamaran - yacht and sea

An electronics engineer and experienced yachtsman, Jack Wijnants has founded Amasea Yachts in 2018. His family owned various Dutch steel yachts and he already has a lot of experience in building proven, seaworthy, speedy boats, as for several years he owned a Maltese company that built 15-42m search, patrol and rescue vessels. After failing to find a 20-25-meter catamaran for him and his wife to travel the world, as the existing models on the market did not impress the couple, Jack Wijnants decided to develop his own range and market it eventually. The Amasea Yachts’ first model is a 25-metre tri-deck all-aluminium premium catamaran Amasea 84’/25m.

Native countryTurkey
Head QuartersTurkey
RangeCruise catamarans
CEOJack Wijnants

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