All-New Suzuki DF175A & DF150A

All-New Suzuki_DF150A - Yacht and Sea

Suzuki just launched its new DF175A and DF150A. This new product launch will undoubtedly strengthen Suzuki’s position within this key horsepower sector of the market. Customers will benefit from Suzuki’s core technologies all geared up to delivering outstanding power and exciting performance together with superior fuel efficiency – all from a super compact and lightweight unit.

Exciting acceleration

Boasting a class-leading 2.9-litre in-line four-cylinder DOHC engine, these new models also use a high 10.2:1 compression ratio, which provides great low-end torque and generates impressive acceleration.

New Suzuki DF150A in black

New Suzuki DF175A in white - yacht and sea










Maximising performance

To maximise performance, the new DF175A and DF150A are equipped with a Semi-Direct Air Intake System to provide the engine with a cooler flow of air, an O₂ Sensor to optimise combustion, and a knock sensor for superior reliability.

Furthermore, Suzuki has utilised its pioneering offset drive shaft to move the outboard’s centre of gravity forward, to improve balance and reduce vibration on the transom whilst contributing greatly to the outboard’s overall compactness.

Market-leading fuel efficiency

Fuel economy is an important issue for all boaters. The DF175A and DF150A both benefit from Suzuki’s unrivalled Lean Burn Control System, which is designed to save fuel both at low speed and up into the cruising range. This is done by predicting fuel needs according to operating conditions, then delivering an optimum mixture of fuel and air to the engine, which in the case of these new models results in a 14% improvement in fuel economy for the DF175A over the current DF175 and a 7% improvement for the DF150A over the current DF150. This proves once again, that with a Suzuki powering your boat, you can go further and faster, for less.

Optional extras

In addition to all of this, there is a selection of optional extras available such as troll mode system, Suzuki Easy Start System and Suzuki’s market-leading Keyless Start System. This technology uses a coded key-fob to deliver simple, stress-free operation while reducing the risk of a lost key. The system makes for an excellent theft deterrent, as the outboard will not start without the proper access code.

All of these features mean that these new models compare extremely favourably against the models they replace. Indeed, the DF150A delivers over 3% more torque than the current DF150 and the DF175A produces 2.7% more torque than the DF175. Both new models can achieve a superior level of overall performance. Plus, to enhance the smooth and positive nature of the mechanical controls, customers can choose from one of Suzuki’s ergonomically designed binnacle or side-mount control boxes.

Both outboards feature new 3D decals and are available in Pearl Nebular Black or Cool White, allowing customers to pick the colour that best suits their boat.

New ‘Cool White’ colour option for key portables

In response to the increase in demand for white outboards, Suzuki has introduced a ‘Cool White’ colour option on some of its portable range, namely the DF6A, DF9.9B, DF15A and DF20A. With these additions, Suzuki has white outboards available from 6hp to 350hp, which covers a wide variety of boats and customer preferences.

New Suzuki DF6A in white - Yacht and Sea

New Suzuki DF20A in white - yacht and Sea










Yasuharu Osawa, Managing Officer, Executive General Manager, Marine Operations, Suzuki Motor Corporation, said, “This is an important horsepower sector for us and the introduction of these new models will strengthen our line-up. The new DF150A and DF175A are packed with the very latest Suzuki technologies which will deliver the ultimate boating experience. Also, by adding the new white DF6A, DF9.9B, DF15A and DF20A we are offering our customers a much wider choice.”



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