Fishidy: A Premium mapping and a Social Network to Find Fishes

Digital mapping platform offering anglers detailed waterway topography and much more surpasses one million-member milestone

Fishidy premium mapping 1 - Yacht and Sea

The old saying goes that 90% of the fish are found in 10% of the water. The best way to find that 10% of any lake, river, reservoir, or other water body? Premium mapping. More specifically? Fishidy.

Yes, understanding the underwater landscape is critical to success. It’s why Fishidy is a MAP-based social network that’s partnered with the best fishing mapmaker in the world, Fishing Hot Spots®. Fishidy’s algorithms and social community’s GPS-enabled spots, catches, and social connections provide members with the opportunity to identify the most productive water and head straight to the action.

Fishidy premium mapping 2 - Yacht and Sea

Free to sign up and download, the benefits of the Fishidy website and mobile app are many. Again, the fishing map topography is provided by Fishing Hot Spots, which includes excellent survey data with accurate depth and structure readings.

Hear what bass legend Shaw Grigsby has to say. He credits Fishidy for the ability to make you a smarter angler and improve your fishing by providing interactive fishing maps, local fishing reports, loads of catch-logging tools and the ability to connect with other anglers all in one easy-to-use app.

Fishidy premium mapping - video - Yacht and Sea

Users can also upgrade to Fishidy Premium for $9.99 monthly or a yearly subscription for $49.99, and receive access to researched fishing hot spots, mapped bottom composition areas, and fish-attracting points of interest including various types of vegetation and structure, all while connecting with over a million other Fishidy users. Additionally, one of the newest premium features, offline mapping, allows users to download any map on Fishidy, including contours, marked spots, structures, etc. to their mobile device, so if there’s no internet connection on the water, they will still have access to the map.

Fishidy premium mapping 3 - Yacht and Sea

“Users have told us that this is a pretty common issue they run into. When they’re fishing in their boat, especially in remote locations, connecting to the Internet or WiFi can be a real challenge. Our new offline mapping feature addresses this, so as a premium user you now have 100% access to any map wherever and whenever you want,” says Fishidy Marketing Manager, Jon Giacalone.

Giacalone expects this latest premium feature to drive even greater growth.

“Surpassing the one million user mark has happened pretty organically for us. It means the community itself is continuing to refer vast numbers of new members, and we’ve seen a lot of growth in other areas of the country we didn’t necessarily target, which is very exciting. At one time we were primarily a Midwest phenomenon, but through the burgeoning Fishidy community, referrals and our presence on search engines, Fishidy is really catching on everywhere there’s water and the opportunity to fish. In particular, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, the East Coast, and Southeast are all booming in participation. Not only that, our members’ photos and catch logs prove Fishidy works and helps anglers catch more fish, regardless of where in the country they’re based,” adds Giacalone.




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