Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless Pro

Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless Pro - 1 - yacht and sea

An Original Concept for Fishing

The 240 Dauntless Pro is not a new boat and it is even well known by boaters. However, this  version offers an unprecedented layout entirely dedicated for fishing, but driving this boat is also an interesting experience.

Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless Pro - 2 - yacht and sea

It is almost unnecessary to present the Dauntless series which, through six models from 17 to 27 feet, offers versatile open hulls that are suitable for families as well as for fishing parties or even water skiing sessions. The 240 is one of the largest models in the range, but it still has dimensions that make it easy to transport by road and it can be launched even on its own. The pro version offers something different totally dedicated to the fishermen. In fact, the Boston Whaler  possesses a second cockpit on top of the first one. To access it, it is necessary to go up on the top of the console and, once standing on this one, you will find a second steering wheel. This position, pretty special, is protected all around which is very reassuring. You can even consider sitting up, but in most cases standing will be preferred. The second cockpit is almost identical to that of the traditional console with the main switches and even room for a sonar or GPS. The first advantage of this solution is that it makes it possible to see much further and thus to identify the shoals of fish (thanks to the birds), but also to find oneself in certain marshy zones, for example. It can also be useful for maneuvering in a slightly congested marina. 

Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless Pro - 9 - yacht and sea

If you are not into these activities, you will be surprised by the driving experience. Placed very high, we have completely different landmarks and we feel a little more lateral movements of the 240 Dauntless Pro. A little surprising at first, this position is quickly comfortable, effective and even fun, a bit like the joy of driving from a flybridge, but without a flybridge.

350 hp and almost 58 mph!

In the rest of the boat, you will find what makes the success of the 240 Dauntless Pro, starting with its fabulous hull both incisive and balanced with a deep V on the bow which then flattened on the rear up to 16 ° to ensure the stability of the boat. As always, the balance of the masses does not suffer from any reproach and the pitch is also very well controlled. We tested  the boat with a 350 hp Mercury Verado outboard, the maximum power allowed. With such power, it goes without saying that the Boston Whaler does not lack character. The boat planes in 4.3 seconds and it is able to reach 58 mph! Not bad for a 24’ open boat.  Moreover, the performance is pretty easy to do. The 240 Dauntless cut the chop without problem, and without wetting its crew. The  Boston Whaler also keeps a good level of comfort and an excellent level of security, in short, it’s a Boston Whaler!

However sharp this engine is, the 350 hp Mercury is not totally necessary and the boat should already behave very well with 250 hp while decreasing a little the budget of purchase and consumption.

A Versatile and Well-finished Interior

Inside, the 240 Dauntless Pro is identical as the “classic” version. There is a beautiful bow space including four large boxes, all equipped with stainless steel jacks and rubber gaskets. All can be covered with cushions to form a large solarium for two people. We love the small backrests which rise to form a comfortable lounge seat on each side. The storage compartments are fully countermolded and equipped with bungees to store the fishing rods on the port side. On the bow, you can also find a large anchor box and a location for an electric motor.

On the rear, a large storage unit hosts two technical boxes and a livewell in the center. It is possible to cover the two side boxes with a cushion and to install a removable backrest. The center of the boat is reserved for driving with a comfortable two places leaning-post under which you can slide a cooler (standard)). The driving position is very ergonomic with a good location for everything and enough room for a 12-inch screen. We also appreciate the footrest and the handrails associated with the T-Top. Passengers will appreciate the small seat on the front of the console and you can also take advantage of the space inside the console (4’5’’ high) to easily install a chemical toilet.

As usual, nothing to complain about the quality of manufacturing, simply exemplary, and not much to complain about the equipment, already well provided in standard including the cooler, the livewell, the swimming platform, the second driving station, the cushions and the bilge pump. On the other hand, the table and the shower are optional.

Editor’s Note

If the 240 Dauntless is primarily dedicated to fishermen, it also keeps a real versatility and comfort for a family. Moreover, the piloting from the second station is really playful, even if you are not a fisherman. If you add to that the reputation of the brand and the value of resale, the boat will definitely become one of the bestsellers for the Florida boatbuilder.

Performance Report

Tested power : 350 hp Mercury Verado /  3 persons / calm sea / Propeller 18”Enertia / Sarasota (USA)

600 rpm2,52.9
1000 rpm3,94.5
2000 rpm6,97.9
3000 rpm16,418.8
4000 rpm28,332.6
5000 rpm38,244
6000 rpm4754
6300 rpm49,857.3
Time to plane4 secondes
0 to 25 mph4.9 secondes
Boston Whaler 240-Dauntless Layout- yacht and sea


L.O.A23’91”7,29 m
Beam8’49”2,59 m
Weight3,300 Lbs1 497 kg
Building MaterialFiberglassFiberglass
Persons capacity99
Bedding capacity00
Fuel Capacity90 Gallons341 Litres
Water capacity11,88 Gallons45 Litres
Maximal power350 hp350 hp
Recommended Power200 hp200 hp
European CertificationCC


Starting at  $122,936 (USA)

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